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OpenCV kmeans in MATLAB

Data clustering is one of unsupervised learning techniques that attempts to find some structure in the data. Given some dataset, we may be interested to see if there are some natural clusters. This is where the classic k-means algorithm kicks … Continue reading

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Extracting FREAK descriptor in MATLAB (OpenCV interface)

In Computer Vision applications the local keypoint descriptors are well known. They encode in a vector some visual information contained around a selected keypoint in the image. We outline “some” since there are many assumptions and information types that can … Continue reading

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OpenCV 2.4.0 + IPP + TBB: Compilation instructions on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)

In Computer Vision the OpenCV [WWW] framework is a well known collection of high-quality and real-time functions performing image processing, feature extraction, matrix operations, object detection and many many more ready to use routines.┬áThe framework is in active development and … Continue reading

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