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Thesis : Indoor location estimation using a wearable camera with application to the monitoring of persons at home

I’ve finally published my PhD thesis that I wrote with University of Bordeaux, France. The goal of the thesis is to explore, research and propose an image-based localization system in the context of the IMMED project [WWW]. Check for the … Continue reading

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Efficient QP solver with linear constraints

Quadratic Program (QP) with linear constraints are special group of QP problems. Generic QP solvers (such as quadprog [WWW] in MATLAB) are not always the most efficient when solving this group of problems. Further, we can divide this group of … Continue reading

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Solving Quadratic Program in Matlab – free alternative to quadprog

Quadratic programs are a family of problems solved in optimization applications. The goal is to find an optimal solution – minimum or maximum – of an objective function with quadratic, linear and constant terms. The last two may be 0. … Continue reading

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