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[CODE] Label Propagation Through Linear Neighborhood (LNP)

In Machine Learning and practical Patter Classification, graph methods occupy an important place. Mostly this is due to simplicity and elegance of how the data is modelled. Graph methods require construction and different sorts of manipulations with it. We are … Continue reading

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Blurry PDF figures in the output of LaTeX

Noticed one annoying thing when printing PDF documents compiled using LaTeX. Suppose you have some graphic figures in the document. In my case that was just a matrix displayed using imagesc() in MATLAB and then saved to a PDF. Different … Continue reading

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[BOOK] Semisupervised Learning for Computational Linguistics from Abney

  Why good books appear only when you have more or less mastered the fundamentals from here and there? I highly recommend this title from Abney for everybody trying to get into the field of machine learning. Author does great … Continue reading

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